Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The Chistian that I describe here is someone that you know.  This Christian goes to church on Sunday, gives money to the church and even does service work.  Pretty upstanding person.  I know that you know this person because it may describe yourself.  Now let's see how that Christian operates in the real world.

I know you have heard this before.  I believe in Jesus, but I don't believe in religion.  I don't go to church because of all the hypocrates there.  I don't need any church, because I have my own relationship with God.  

We have all heard these statements and we have all nodded our heads, sometimes in agreement, other times just acknowledging the statement.  We let it pass and whoops, we failed that test.  God put this person in your life so you could witness to them.  I've made those statements before when I was away from the church.  Yes, I believed in Jesus, but I was on the sidelines.  Satan had disconnected me.

It took years for me to get back to church.  I just wish that someone had stayed on my case and gotten me back sooner.  Jesus was waiting for me, I was not listening. 

I want to be clear about something.  I am a very poor student of the Bible.  I cannot quote you one verse from memory and that is something that I am working on.  So, you ask, how can someone like me tell people about Jesus.  Easy, pray about it and just follow Jesus.

That person that tells you that they don't need the church may not be a lost soul, just a disconnected soul.  If we have trouble witnessing to lost souls, we should start on disconnected souls.  We run into them all the time and just let our opportunities pass.  Opportunities that God gave you to share your faith. 

Now I don't want you to think that I am calling you out for these missed opportunities to witness.  I am guilty myself.  I need to remind myself of this.  These people are in need of our prayers and our attention.  You don't need to be overbearing, just be there. Just don't deny Christ and say nothing or agree with the person.  God will be there to help you. 

Now as you read this, you may be thinking that I am some religious nut or part of the religious right.  No to either one.  I just love Jesus and it was his command to tell people about him.  I am simply trying to follow him..

If you have never heard the story behind the song; "Why Me Lord" by Kris Kristofferson, watch this video.  Great story and song.  He was invited to church. 

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